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There are plenty of ways for smokers to enjoy their favorite flavors. Though bongs and pipes are certainly the most recognizable, consider using a glass bubbler for a more fulfilling experience. It combines the portability of a glass pipe with the smooth, enriching experience of a bong, and should be a staple in your collection. Here’s everything you need to know about these gratifying devices.


What Is Inside a Glass Bubbler?

The primary parts of a bubbler include the bowl, mouthpiece, and carb hole—essentially, all of the necessary components of a dry pipe. The difference is that a bubbler has a stem constructed around the bowl that retains water, allowing it to filter the smoke before you inhale. The result is a smoother, cleaner hit, without sacrificing any quality of the tobacco.


How Do You Use a Bubbler Pipe?

It’s easy to begin using a bubbler. Start by filling the designated chamber with cold water, and then grind your tobacco similarly to how you would for a typical bong hit. In the event your glass bubbler has a carb hole, you will need to cover it with a finger.

From there, place your mouth on the mouthpiece, light the bowl, and gently draw smoke. You should then remove your finger from the carb hole while continuing to inhale until all the smoke from the chamber is gone.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Bubbler Pipe?

Choosing a bubbler yields many advantages. Simply, the hit from a bubbler is smoother than what you’ll experience with an ordinary pipe. The cold water creates smoke that is easier to inhale, reducing the coughing that can often happen with other devices.

Additionally, while bongs can be large and conspicuous, a glass bubbler can be stowed comfortably in a purse or pocket. For a cannabis user on the go, bubblers are a natural and functional option.

Ultimately, bubbler pipes combine the best of both bongs and pipes to provide a complete and satisfying experience.


Where Can You Find All the Smoking Accessories You Need?

Bubblers are just the beginning! Bud’s Glass Joint offers vape pens, Juul cartridges, a wide selection of intricate bongs, and everything in between. Contact either of our two locations today and visit us for all your smoking needs.


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