Where Can I Buy a Vaporizer for Smoking in Phoenix?

What Is a Smoke Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is another name for an e-cigarette device. It converts a liquid, often called an e-liquid, into a form that you can breathe into your lungs. The vapor you inhale may or may not have nicotine in it, and it can be almost any flavor. Some of the newer models can use dry herbs as well as liquids.

How Does a Smoking Vaporizer Work?

A vaporizer for smoking heats the e-liquid to a temperature high enough to turn it into vapor. You inhale the vapor. The design is very simple and hasn’t changed much since the original invention of vaporizers in the 1960s. The basic parts of a vaporizer are the tank, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece.

  • Tank: This component holds the liquid. In a reusable model, the tank is removable so you can wash and refill it.
  • Atomizer: This is the heating element that warms the liquid to the boiling point. The liquid then releases the vapor for you to inhale. The atomizer needs a power source, which could be a battery or a wall outlet.
  • Mouthpiece: This part of the device protects your mouth from burns and keeps your lips from touching the atomizer.

What Are Some Different Kinds of Smoke Vaporizers?

Different kinds of vaporizers are available to use with different types of products.

  • Dry herb vaporizers are often associated with dry herb use, either for medical or recreational purposes. However, this type of vaporizer can be used to smoke a variety of herbs such as sage and cloves. Some households use them for aromatherapy instead of smoking. Dry herb vaporizers use two heating methods, conduction, and convection.
  • E-liquid vaporizers use e-liquid or vape juice. The most common kind of e-liquid is the Box mod or vape mod style. Cigalikes or e-cigs are also a type of liquid vaporizer. These are simple to use, so they are a good choice for someone just starting out in vaping.
  • Wax and concentrate vapes work similarly to dry herb vaporizers; however, these materials are more potent than herbs or e-liquid.
  • Desktop vapes are meant to be used in one place and need an electrical outlet. Desktop vapes come in whip-style, forced air, and concentrate varieties.
  • Portable vapes are the most familiar to most people. They are small and easy to carry in your pocket or bag. You can find portable vapes that can handle dry herb, e-liquid, waxes, and concentrate.
  • Wax/oil vapes are similar to the other types of vaporizes, but they are designed to use with oils.

Vaping Compared to Traditional Smoking?

The most significant reason to switch to a vaporizer for smoking is your health. While vaping products may still include nicotine, they don’t contain most of the other poisonous, cancer-causing chemicals found in regular cigarettes. If you still need another reason to make the change, consider the cost. Vaping is cheaper, especially if you buy a reusable vaporizer and maintain it properly. Vaporizers pose less of a fire risk than a traditional lit cigarette. Finally, vaping is generally less irritating to those around you.

If you’re convinced and you’re ready to try vaping, visit one of our Phoenix smoke shop locations.  Bud’s Glass Joint is here to find the best starting point for you.

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