Herb Grinders For Sale in Phoenix

An herb grinder is an essential, inexpensive tool for medical marijuana and smokable flower users. In fact, due to their size, price, and ubiquity, herb grinders should be part of everyone’s tool bag. Even if you don’t smoke, but prefer to infuse your herbs into edibles, an herb grinder will make the process easier, as well as open you up to a world of benefits.

Grinder Basics

If you’ve ever plucked medical marijuana or smokable herbs by hand to roll them into a joint or for other methods of consumption, you’ve probably been dissatisfied with the misshapen, uneven clumps you’re left with. Herb grinders make life easier by grinding the flower into an even more preferable consistency.

In its purest form, a grinder is a handheld cylinder that splits into two halves, each of which contains sharp teeth. All you have to do is place your flower or herb in-between the two halves, push them together, then twist the two halves in the opposite direction. After doing this for ten to fifteen seconds, you should find the herb or flower has been ground into small, consistently-sized particles. For an even finer consistency, just keep grinding.

3-Piece and 4-Piece Grinders

Herb grinders can also come in 3-piece and 4-piece designs. The third chamber typically is a holding place for the ground-up flower or herb, making it easier to handle. The fourth chamber, if your grinder has it, usually holds a fine mesh screen that helps catch the tiniest of particles, sometimes referred to as kief.

Benefits of Using a Grinder

As with most tools, herb grinders should make your life easier, whether it’s by quickly grinding large or small amounts of herb or achieving a more even consistency. But some benefits go beyond this simple work:
• Decreases the chance of your skin’s essential oils mixing with or tarnishing the herb 
• Exposure to a higher concentration of the herb’s natural compounds 
• Improved smell and flavor by exposing the herb’s oils 
• Increased surface area exposed to airflow leading to less harsh intakes 
• Reduces potential waste 
With these benefits and their relatively low cost, there’s no reason not to have a grinder regardless of whether you’re a serious or amateur herb smoker.

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