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If you’re new to vaping, it can seem a bit like learning a whole new vocabulary. One term that you’ll definitely encounter amid your vaping journey is “concentrate vaporizer.” This device heats concentrate, as opposed to dried flower, like tobacco or cannabis, and emits a vapor-like gas that can feel less harsh than typical smoke.

What Types of Concentrates are There?

Generally speaking, there are four kinds of concentrate:

  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Shatter
  • Wax

Budder resembles a thick butter or even peanut butter. It tends to be more flavorful, albeit less potent than crumble or shatter.

Crumble is perhaps the most similar to shatter, which is highly potent and glass-like. However, crumble tends to be slightly stickier than shatter. The most popular form of concentrate is most likely wax, due to its ubiquity and affordability. While generally the lowest in purity, wax tends to contain a lot of flavors.


The Benefits of Concentrates

Concentrate vaporizers offer a whole suite of benefits over dry herd vaporizers and traditional smoking. As stated earlier, because concentrates are the concentrated form of the herb, this method of vaping tends to be more potent.

In fact, because of its concentrated nature, most concentrates are also packed with flavor. The amount of flavor can differ with the type of concentrate – budder and wax tend to be the most flavorful – and allow you to choose better where on the flavor/potency scale you’d prefer to vape.


Types of Concentrate Vaporizers

When selecting a concentrate vaporizer, it’s essential to know about the four main types:
• Desktop vaporizers
• E-rigs or e-nails
• Portable non-pens
• Vape pens

Desktop vaporizers tend to be the most massive concentrate vape device and are ideal for a party or vaping in a group. Many come with a plug-in cord or power, although some are battery operated. Instead of vaping directly from the device, the vapor will collect in a balloon, from which you’ll inhale.

E-rigs, sometimes called e-nails, almost resemble a microscope. They come with a water attachment that helps cool the vapor, letting you take in deeper puffs with less harsh side effects.

Like the more popular vape pen, portable non-pen vaporizers can be brought with you and allow you to vape where it’s legal. These devices tend to be simpler but can fit in a decent amount of concentrate and can be used in a group. The newest, hottest portable dab rig on the market is the Puffco Peak which is available in a variety of colors at Bud’s Glass Joint.

Vape pens are popular and portable. While they contain a variety of heating chamber options (metal coils, ceramic chambers, etc.), they are typically easy to use, with the only thing stifling a potential vape session is forgetting to charge the battery.


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