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Cannabis legalization has dramatically expanded the availability of innovative, discreet, and effective ways to access the plant’s wide-ranging benefits. At Bud’s Glass Joint, wax pens rank among our customers’ favorite ways to enjoy high-quality, potent cannabis concentrates.


How do Wax Pens Work?

These wax vaporizers are about the size of a pen and contain a battery, coil, heating element, and mouthpiece. The cannabis wax is placed on the coil, which heats up when the battery is engaged to activate the heating element. The rising temperature turns the wax to an inhalable vapor. Simply draw through the mouthpiece to ingest the vapor and enjoy your strain of choice. Some wax pens are used with disposable cartridges, while others can be refilled directly with your favorite wax concentrate.


Types of Wax Pens

We carry a number of vaporizers that are compatible with cannabis wax concentrates, including but not limited to:


Pax 3 Wax PenPax 3

The Pax 3, a top-rated vaporizer that can be used for wax and oil as well as dry flower. This sleek device heats in just 22 seconds and has more than 60 temperature settings for a customized experience. Connect it to your smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities for handheld control with the Pax mobile app. Best of all, this durable device has a 10-year limited warranty.


Yocan Hive Wax PenThe Yocan Hive

The Yocan Hive, a device for wax and juice designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the convenience of USB charging and the ability to monitor your concentrate level through a transparent window without removing your cartridge. This device features a quartz coil for optimal purity and an LED battery indicator.



Yocan Evovle Plus Wax PenThe Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve Plus, a dedicated travel dab pen with an integrated jar for easy, effective wax storage wherever you go. Our clients love the sleek design in cool colors and patterns as well as the upgraded battery and dual quartz wax atomizer.



Ooze Glacier Wax PenThe Ooze Glacier Pen

The Ooze Glacier Pen, boasting dual quartz technology and a range of battery sizes. Customize yours with silicone wax jars, water bubbler attachments, and other cool accessories.



Benefits of Wax Pens

Many cannabis users prefer wax pens because of their discretion and portability. These small, handheld devices are easy to use on the go and produce little odor. Fans of dabbing, which requires a large setup with a dab nail and rig, appreciate the ability to access the potency of wax without the equipment.

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